Simple Workout to Boost Strength and Stamina for Combat Sports

combat sports workout

Simple Workout to Boost Strength and Stamina for Combat Sports

This is a simple workout that will boost your strength and stamina, suitable for those who train in combat sports such as Mixed Martial Arts, Judo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai etc.
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Strength and conditioning will help your game
If you are already training at least 3 times a week in your chosen martial art or combat sport, you will not have much time to hit the gym for strength & conditioning work or cardio. So this particular workout was created as a supplement to those who want to increase some strength and stamina on their off days (meaning on the days away from the dojo).

These exercises are made up of simple moves, but they give you the most bang for your buck. What is cooler is that you can do this workout at home. The moves are pull ups, push ups, and squats and its variations. You will need a pull up bar and some dumbbells. 

Pull Ups!
Push Ups!

Squats! (or lunges)

Here's how we do it:

Reps: It will be 5 pull-ups (and its variations), 10 pushups (and its variations) and 15 squats (plus variations)

The Workout

1A. Standard Pull Up

1B. Standard Push Up

1C. Prisoner Squat

(1 min break)

2A. Chin Up

2B.  Wide Push Up 

2C. Reverse Lunges

(1 min break)

3A. Narrow Grip Pull Up

3B. Close-Grip Push Up

3C.  Goblet Squat (use a dumbbell)

(1 min break)

4A. Chin Up 1.5

4B. Leg Elevated Push Up

4C. Skater Squats

(1 min break)

5A. Weighted Pull Up

5B. Slow-Mo Pushup

5C. Jump Squats

Repeat the whole workout for one more round.

Exercise description

Standard Pull Up  - Palms facing away from you, grip about shoulder width apart, pull yourself up til your head is over the bar

Standard Push Up- Self-explanatory, hands about shoulder width apart. You can also balance your hands on dumbbells

Prisoner Squat - hands on your head, squat deep (thighs parallel to floor)

Chin Up - Palms facing towards you, grip about shoulder width apart, pull yourself up til your head is over the bar

Push Up - same as standard push up, but arms are out wider than shoulder width

Reverse Lunges - step one foot back and lower your front leg so that your back knee is almost touching the floor. Make sure front knee is not over your foot

Narrow Grip Pull Up - same as normal pull up, but grip is narrower (about one fist apart)

Close-Grip Push Up - like s standard push up but your hands are close to each other, forming a triangle with your fingers/thumbs

Goblet Squat (use a dumbbell) - hold a heavy dumbbell with both hands, squat deep

Chin Up 1.5 - Pull yourself up, then go back down halfway, then come up again and go all the way down. That is ONE rep

Leg Elevated Push Up - set your feet on a bench and do the standard push up

Skater Squats - one leg steps behind (sideways) and you squat on your front leg

Weighted Pull Up - Like a standard pull up but hold a dumbbell in between your legs

Slow-Mo Pushup - do a standard pushup, but take 4 seconds to go down and then seconds to come up

Jump Squats - squat deep and jump up. land in a squatting position then jump again

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