Wednesday, April 3, 2013

P90X-Rushfit Hybrid - Week 4

This is the "rest" week of the program, where we do a set of different workouts to change things up. Much less intense than the main weeks (weeks 1-3), but still quite challenging and gives a good burn.

Here's my version of Week 4:

Day 22: Core Synergistics (P90X)
Day 23: Fight Conditioning (Rushfit)
Day 24:Balance & Agility (Rushfit)
Day 25: Ab Ripper X (P90X)
Day 26: BJJ training
Day 27: Core Synergistics (P90X)
Day 28: BJJ training
Some time ago, I had tried out Core Synergistics once in my workouts, and at that time, I found the workout to be kinda "bleh"...

But after going deeper into the P90X program, Core Synergistics is now one of my favorite workouts! I dunno why! I think it's just the way the exercises are structured, which gives the body an overall all-body workout. Yo don't have to use any heavy weights, but every part of the body is worked in unison. Synergy, as they say.  liked it that much that I included 2 Core Synergistics in Week4 (I originally slotted in a cardio session for Day 27, but I swapped it with Core).
A good description of Core Synergistics can be found here.

Overall, a good week. Good for recovery before the next phase.
You need a strong core for grappling
Oh yeah, Rushfit's Balance & Agility workout is really good too. Another workout that is suited for grappling and jiu-jitsu players. It's somewhat similar in effect to Core Synergistics, and I really enjoyed going thru it.


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