Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Metamoris 3: Eddie Bravo turns the crews on Royler Gracie!

Eddie Bravo vs Royler Gracie! The big rematch of the season just happened in the weekend at Metamoris 3, and boy, did these two legends of BJJ give grappling fans a match to remember.

Here are some of my notes on the big rematch:

1.           Awesome! – The rematch was really fun and exciting to watch. Very technical and full of movement and transitions. Eddie’s offence was tight and sharp, and Royler defended really well.

2.           Underestimated? Many seasoned and experienced grapplers thought before the match that Royler Gracie would mop up the mats with Eddie Bravo. They figured that the first match in 2003 at ADCC was a fluke. I never agreed with this opinion. If you watched the match in 2003, you would notice that Royler could not really get any offence against Eddie. Yes – he passed Eddie’s guard a few times, but Eddie managed to get out each time. Eddie also threw different attacks at Royler such as the 100%, rubber guard and cocoon, finally ending the match with a sweet triangle. So who says Royler is superior to Eddie?

3.           Half guard game - From early on in Bravo v Gracie II, it was clear Eddie would play his tricky guard game against Royler. I had expected Eddie to pull Royler into his rubber guard, but Eddie showed that his half guard game was in top gear. His electric chair transition to the sweep was almost unstoppable (as far as Royler was concerned).

4.           Lockdown, lockdown, lockdown – Royler insisted on his knee cut pass, and totally ignored Eddie’s lockdown from half guard. After 10 minutes of struggling with it, Royler maybe should have changed his approach. Maybe he should have even pulled guard on Eddie instead. But no, Royler chose to ignore the lockdown.

5.           Stubborn –One thing for sure, Royler was a tough and stubborn opponent. Eddie had him in real trouble, particularly the neck crank attempt and also the final calf crunch attack, but Royler was just too stubborn to quit. He probably would prefer to suffer injury than tap to Eddie.

6.           Reset please? – I was a bit surprised and annoyed that Royler tried to fool the ref when they had to reset positions. Fortunately there was video replays for the committee to thwart Royler’s attempt to reset in a better position.

7.           Classy – Eddie dominated Royler for sure, but he gave props to the Gracies for bringing BJJ to the world.

8.           Prove it! – I think Eddie Bravo has proven to the critics that his jiu jitsu game is indeed legit. He beat Royler convincingly the first time, and in the second had made Royler look bad. Most people thought Eddie had “won”. So it’s safe to say that Eddie does not have anything left to prove anymore.

Well, there you have it. Congrats to Eddie Bravo! I’m sure his 10th Planet schools will grow even larger now. Good for him.

Full match below:

 Their first fight below: